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Some wedding programs are definitely one-of-a-kind and I have yet to see anything else like them yet (mostly the content and design of the back of the program with the “fun facts about the bride and groom”). I’m glad that the wedding guests got to learn more about our relationship through our wedding program!

  • The bride & groom asked Barbie parents to officiate their wedding ceremony since the couple respect their marriage so much
  • For their first date, Ken took Barbie to see the movie Hollywood Homicide. Before the previews even started, Ken had his arm around Barbie
  • For good luck, Barbie is wearing her Grandma’s engagement ring on her right hand as her “something borrowed” since her grandparents had the best of marriages
  • Today, Ken & Barbie have been together for 3,358 days. Ken & Barbie have been celebrating their first date anniversary on June 23rd for the past 9 years. Their first date was actually on June 22nd. They each separately figured out they were celebrating their anniversary on the wrong day, but didn’t tell each other. So, as of today, they’ve actually been together for 3,359 days
  • Barbie took her best friend with her on their second date because she was unsure if she actually like Ken
  • Ken has given Barbie many nicknames over the years, including “tater tot” & “puddin’ pop”
  • Barbie first knew Ken loved her when he took her to see New York Minute (a thrilling Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie) and he didn’t walk out of the theater
  • Ken always wins when the two play the Wii game “Just Dance”
  • Barbie initiated the first kiss
  • Barbie has been trying to convince Ken to buy her a puppy for the past… ohhh… 3,359 days
  • The couple will be moving to Dallas, Texas shortly after they get back from their honeymoon
  • Ken & Barbie have a Sunday morning chocolate chip pancake tradition
  • When Ken was younger, he used to spit his peas into his glass of milk to avoid eating them. To get Barbie to eat her peas when she was younger, they were smothered in cheese. Peas and cheese are now one of Ken & Barbie’s favorite vegetables



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